Loan Vision and Teraverde Integrate Loan Vision in Real Time Data Analytics For Financial Executives

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Coheus Gold is the Solution for Mortgage and Accounting Business Intelligence

Coheus Gold was created to make it easy to access valuable business intelligence from the Encompass system. We added the ability to easily access mortgage accounting data from Loan Vision with a single easy to use business intelligence solution.

What does this mean for Lenders? 

Lending and non-Financial Executives can easily access the Coheus Gold Playbook for instant actionable insights.  Profit and productivity improvement suggestions are available on a tablet or desktop.   Now executives are able to focus on lending strategies that helps drive profitability.

Operational Executives are now able to identify how to use data to increase the productivity of their teams. They are also able to develop strategies to improve the loan origination process, because easy access to data promotes fact-based decision making.

Executive Officers will have the ability to have overview for their entire loan production in a few clicks. 

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A partnership that will revolutionize a Mortgage Lender’s ability to increase profitability, productivity and data integrity.

“We are honored to partner with Loan Vision to offer an integrated business intelligence solution to help executives profit for the large amount of data residing in their LOS and accounting systems.”


Jim Deitch

Chief Executive Officer , Teraverde

“We have longstanding relationship with Teraverde, having jointly developed the Loan Vision Connector. We look forward to introducing the power of Coheus Gold to our customers to maximize the value of mortgage accounting data and LOS data through a single mortgage accounting and mortgage business intelligence solution.”

Martin Kerr

President , Loan Vision

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